76ers #1 overall pick

76ers Trade for #1 overall pick
On June 17th, 2017 it was revealed that the 76ers revealed their intent to trade for the #1 overall pick, who was owned by the Boston Celtics. It was revealed that the 76ers will trade their pick and the future picks for this #1 selection. The 2018 Lakers pick to BOS has protections on top and bottom that could keep it in Philly, and if so, then 2019 Kings' pick goes to Boston. With this #1 pick, the 76ers plan to pick Washington Point Guard Markelle Fultz. Markelle Fultz had averaged 23.2 points, 5.7 rebounds and 5.9 assist last year and he has to impress coaching staffs in the NBA. What does this trade mean for the future of each team? 76ers This trade is clearly a move for the team to make a run for the playoffs this year. With Ben simmons coming back from injury and Joel Embiid having a breakout first year, the team thinks they are finally ready for the playoffs. This pick fills the gap they have right now, which is a poor point guard. With Markell…

Big Baller Brand or Big Baller Bust?

Recently, a family of young basketball players have been lighting up college and high school basketball. This family is of course is the Ball family. This family is lead by Lonzo Ball, who recently declared for the draft and is set to be a top pick. The other two Ball members, Liangelo and Lonzo, are catching eyes by their high school play In 2016, when Lonzo was at UCLA, the big baller brand was started by Lavar Ball, the dad. When the family started to get fame, many shoe brands met with Lavar and approached him for a shoe deal. This is where the fame starts to get to Lavars head. Lavar decided that his brand was worth 1 billion dollars and the deals started to fall apart. After this, NBA media stars started to bash him for his ridiculous asking price. This brand had not even released a shoe yet, when he was asking for this. In May 2017, the Big Baller Brand announced their very first shoe, the ZO2's. These shoes were set at a price point of 495$, and were set to release in Novem…

Breaking Down the crazy future of the NBA Draft

2017 NBA Draft This year provides some interesting decisions for the teams entering the draft and I am hear to break them down for you.
Pick 1: Boston Celtics After receiving the number 1 pick from the Brooklyn Nets, from the 2013 trade. This pic puts the team in a tough position because of this guard heavy year in the draft. The Celtics already have two good guards in the all-star Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley. The Celtics are not ready to get rid of these two in the immediate future. This leaves them with a few options, trade the pick or pick a guard and play him where he is not very comfortable. The best trade for them would be for Paul George, this trade would make sense for both teams. Paul George has expressed a want to leave the Pacers and this pick up for the Celtics would fill up a gap in the starting lineup. The best trade for both teams is Paul George for the pick and a few intriguing young talents for the team. Pick 2: Los Angeles Lakers This pick seems to be a no-brainer fo…

How sports have changed my life.

Sports have always been a huge part of my life. I have been going to sporting events around the country, since I was 2 years old. Overall, Sports have been a way I can spend time with my friends and a way I can connect with my family. During the day, my family may fight, but when we are at any sport event, there is no fighting. We are all one big family that enjoys sports.

One game that I will always remember, is the Florida vs. Wisconsin basketball game. My brother works and lives in New York, so it was his idea for us to go up and see Florida play at Madison Square Garden. When we first got to the game, we were very nervous that we went up for nothing. Early in the game, Wisconsin started to take a lead and at one point were up eleven points. Slowly as the half went on, Florida started to make a comeback. At the end of the half, Florida was up two points. In the second half, this trend continued and the game was close the whole time. With three seconds left in the game Zak Showalter …