Big Baller Brand or Big Baller Bust?

Recently, a family of young basketball players have been lighting up college and high school basketball. This family is of course is the Ball family. This family is lead by Lonzo Ball, who recently declared for the draft and is set to be a top pick. The other two Ball members, Liangelo and Lonzo, are catching eyes by their high school play
In 2016, when Lonzo was at UCLA, the big baller brand was started by Lavar Ball, the dad. When the family started to get fame, many shoe brands met with Lavar and approached him for a shoe deal. This is where the fame starts to get to Lavars head. Lavar decided that his brand was worth 1 billion dollars and the deals started to fall apart. After this, NBA media stars started to bash him for his ridiculous asking price. This brand had not even released a shoe yet, when he was asking for this.
In May 2017, the Big Baller Brand announced their very first shoe, the ZO2's. These shoes were set at a price point of 495$, and were set to release in November 2017. After this release many stars, including Shaq, came out and said that this price point was ridiculous for these shoes. Many people started to come out and say that Lavar was crazy for these prices, such as 50$ T-shirts and this 500$ pair of shoes, but he kept on doing what he was doing.
After the 2017 NBA draft lottery, which gave the Los Angeles Lakers the first overall pick, Lavar did something very interesting. He stated that with Lonzo going to LA, the shoe brand is now worth up to 3 billion dollars. With this kind of asking price, Lavar seems to think that Lonzo will be winning MVP and Liangelo will be next years #1 overall pick, in the NBA draft. He is being completely unrealistic. This brand is not as valuable as Lavar says it is, which leaves many people question the choices he has been making.


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