Breaking Down the crazy future of the NBA Draft

2017 NBA Draft
This year provides some interesting decisions for the teams entering the draft and I am hear to break them down for you.
Pick 1: Boston Celtics
After receiving the number 1 pick from the Brooklyn Nets, from the 2013 trade. This pic puts the team in a tough position because of this guard heavy year in the draft. The Celtics already have two good guards in the all-star Isaiah Thomas and Avery Bradley. The Celtics are not ready to get rid of these two in the immediate future. This leaves them with a few options, trade the pick or pick a guard and play him where he is not very comfortable. The best trade for them would be for Paul George, this trade would make sense for both teams. Paul George has expressed a want to leave the Pacers and this pick up for the Celtics would fill up a gap in the starting lineup. The best trade for both teams is Paul George for the pick and a few intriguing young talents for the team.
Pick 2: Los Angeles Lakers
This pick seems to be a no-brainer for the Lakers. Pick either Lonzo Ball (14.6 pts., 6 trb., 7.6 ast.) or Markelle Fultz (23.2 pts., 5.7 trb., 5.9 ast.), whichever one has not been picked already. After these two had exceptional years, there is no other way for the Lakers to go. Either one of these two players would be fit right into the team, after their guards have yet to prove themselves in the league. While the last few years have been wake up calls for Lakers fans, realizing they are not always going to win, this pick could bring the team back up to where they belong.
Pick 3: Philadelphia 76ers

This pick is not as plain and simple for the 76ers, as they have many options. The 4 major options for the 76ers Josh Jackson(Kansas, SF), Jayson Tatum(Duke, SF), De’aaron Fox(Kentucky, PG), Malik Monk(Kentucky,SG). The best pick for the sixers would be Josh Jackson from Kansas, based on how he fits on the team and his performance from the past year at Kansas. This pick could finally give the 76ers the playoff push they have been working
How do you think the draft will go?


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